Friday, October 5, 2012

BNR? BNS? Not just (veggie) alphabet soup. :)

Every week our fabulous volunteers, Joanie and Phi, put together a team BNS and BNR (respectively) to promote shops from our team and give some great deals to shoppers.

On Sundays, Joanie posts a new BNS treasury. Here's this week's to give you an idea:

First, it benefits etsy sellers in two ways. If you're a shop owner of any shop at all in the Etsy universe, when you purchase a product from any shop featured in the treasury (it does not have to be the item pictured, just any item from that store.) you get to have your shop featured in the next BNS treasury Joanie puts together the next Sunday. Just be sure to post, in the comments, which shop you purchased from, along with the other basic information requested. Don't worry. You don't have to memorize all of this. Just refer to the first comment posted. All the info you need is there, and Joanie is alway happy to help if you feel a little lost. I've, personally, had a lot of luck with BNS treasuries helping my shop gain exposure, and with the holidays upcoming, this is a fabulous way to purchase the most unique, handmade gifts for everyone on your list (they won't see this year's presents at the mall!) while promoting your shop as an added bonus.

These treasuries have another benefit to the buyer. Typically the stores featured offer special coupons for the treasuries' buyers. Don't forget to look for the most recently updated coupon list in the comments. You can find all kinds of deals you won't find anywhere else, from percentages off of your total to free shipping, you'll find the best coupons, and you can't go wrong with that!


Now, a BNR is a little bit different. Phi posts one of these at about noon every Thursday, on our team's discussion board:

A BNR is like a BNS sped up. BNR stands for "Buy and Replace", so when you make a purchase from one of the featured shops, your shop replaces them immediately until someone buys from you, then they replace you right away, while a BNS or "Buy and Stay" allows the featured shops to stay listed until the next round begins. Both work similarly, it just depends on your preference.

So, come give it a try. You won't be disappointed. All the beautiful items pictured in this post (and many more) can be found in this week's BNS.


  1. Fantastic article, Veronica! There are so many who have questions about what BNSs and BNRs actually are, and what the differences between them are; this is great info! >^♥^<

  2. Wonderful info, Veronica! Many people have questions about what BNSs and BNRs are, and their differences; thank you for this article to clarify! >^♥^<