Saturday, June 30, 2012

A New Member, Animal Abuse Awareness Week, and a BNS!

A lot of exciting things going on this week. First, I'd like to introduce our newest member, Nicole Chen, and her shop The Stardust Studio. Nicole's shop donations will support the Toronto Humane Society and the Ontario SPCA (Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals). Check out her incredible selection of companion animal portraits. I love the tiny canvases and easels. She also has the most adorable little dog sweaters. My dog is jealous that they aren't available in his size. Yet. (Hint Hint...he's 12lbs. :))

Please stop by and give Nicole a warm welcome by hearting her shop, adding her to your circles, etc.

BNS and Other Treasuries

We also have a couple of treasuries to check out. There's a brand-new BNS treasury beginning tomorrow at noon. This is a great way to get some exposure if you're an Etsy seller, while picking up some rocking good...uh...goods, no matter who you are. :) Stop by and take a look. Coupons are already being posted by the featured sellers. Come take advantage of these excellent deals.
We also have a regular treasury featuring many team shops. Take a look, leave a note and share!

Anyone can make an Etsy treasury to show off their favorite shops and items. I'd love to feature your treasury featuring Artists for Animals Team Members. There's a place to post them on the message board so I won't miss it.

Animal Abuse Awareness Week
This week has been Animal Abuse Awareness Week, a time to stop and consider what we can do to end the abuse/neglect/exploitation of animals. If you're like most animal people, you've likely seen an animal being mistreated at one time or another, yet felt helpless to actually do anything about it. Don't let that feeling stop you from making a difference. Please take a moment to click the following link that leads to the Animal Legal Defense Fund's suggestions on how to handle these situations effectively:
Read it now, before an issue arises, since how you react and either help save that animal from further harm, or can put that animal (and/or yourself) in danger. There are different ways to help, depending on whether you're dealing with an individual abusing their pet, if you're encountering a pet store that's neglecting the animals in their care, or a case of institutionalized mistreatment. Animal Legal Defense Fund is a well organized group of legal experts who devote themselves to animal protection. If anyone knows how to handle this type of problem, they do.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Member Shop of the Week: CSM Artglass

Welcome to Artists for Animals blog and our Shop of the Week feature. Each week, one of our team member's shops will be selected so we can tell you a little about the owner and how they help animals through their artistic works.

Take note that this is an especially good time to shop Artists for Animals' member shops because it's Animal Abuse Awareness Week. More on that in a later post!

 This week's shop of the week is CSM Artglass.

Please take a moment to visit Cheryl's shop and do some browsing. She says, “I do everything by hand--from designing to shaping to firing and to adding bails and earwires. I even designed my own earring cards.” It's the extra care and creative touches that make Etsy such a great place to shop, and CSM Artglass' packages so fun to open.

Readers, stop by CSM Artglass this week and help Cheryl raise funds for her animal charity, the Penobscot Valley Humane Society, so they can help find homes for dogs and cats in Lincoln, Maine. It's never too early to start your holiday shopping or to pick up a one-of-a-kind birthday gift. Mall presents are so boring, and you never know when they'll get a duplicate gift when you shop at a chain store. Plus, when you shop with Artists for Animals sellers, you get the warm and fuzzies knowing you're helping animals like this adoptable sweetheart, from Cheryl's charity.

Perhaps best of all, you can do all of the above *and* save some cash. This week, you can use her coupon code KISSACAT for a 10% discount!

100% of the Proceeds from This Item Goes to Penobscot Valley Humane Society
The animals get the money, you get the goods! Check it out:
and this one, too!

And one more thing...

Keep up with sales, specials, and other updates via the CSM Artglass Facebook page:!/pages/CsmArtGlass/158300680925368

Also, please stop by and "like" the Penobscot Valley Humane Society's Facebook page to keep up with adoptions, news, and all the great work your purchase from CSM Artglass supports: